Wow…a blank page!

Garden HelperStarting a blog sounds like a great idea but being faced with a blank page is a little intimidating…I guess my thoughts are that I get asked so often what it’s like to live on an island that I wanted a forum for answering those kind of questions and sharing some of my thoughts and musings…

I live on Decatur Island, which is a private island in the San Juan Islands of Washington state, very close to the Canadian border.  I have an 8.5 acre farm with two horses, three sheep, one dog and an amazing number of slugs that I battle daily in a quest to save my struggling garden.  Each morning, I go out with my bucket of sudsy water and pick slugs (before I even have my coffee….yeesh!)  I regularly think of the early settlers as I struggle to keep my garden growing….how did they do it?  Between the deer, rabbits, birds, slugs, sheep and horses; I have to be constantly vigilent…applying bird netting, developing elaborate fences, raising beds, etc.   It must’ve been so discouraging for them.  Maybe a 12 guage shotgun is the answer…nah…too messy…alas.


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