Afternoon Musings…

I’m noticing that my dog, Chloe, gets grumpy if we don’t go for some sort of walk everyday.  Why she wants to interupt her time sleeping on the porch for physical exercise, I don’t quite understand but nonetheless, I try to indulge her for an hour or two each afternoon.  Once I get going, I enjoy it too and use this time to ponder “life’s questions” and take in the beautiful surroundings that are so easy to take for granted.

Is he guarding our little island from unknown intruders or just here to make us smile?

Living on an island, winter is a very quiet time with few visitors and very short days.  I get caught up with the computer and can easily loose perspective.  Chloe and my walks help me to remember what’s really important and to literally “count my blessings”.  Yes, I could use a stronger cash flow and fewer bills…but I have so much, compared to so many.  I have a warm home, full cupboards, healthy children and grandchildren, beauty all around me and the good health to enjoy it all.  I’m reminded of my favorite scripture….”the blessing of the Lord make one rich and He adds no sorrow with it” (Pr 10:22)  I realize that if I have any sorrow, it is of my own making, and I can choose to rejoice in the blessing instead….like Chloe.  Joy is in the little things…but we may have to get off the porch to find it.


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