It’s Fair Time

Is there anything that feels more like summer than a visit to a county fair?  This year I was able to go to the Douglas County Fair, in my home town of Roseburg, Oregon.  Although the grange ladies are gone…along with their hot cherry pie with ice cream, much is still the same, especially in the 4-H barns.  I remember well the days and nights spent in those barns during fair week, waiting for my chance to show “my stuff” in front of the judges and possibly win that much coveted blue ribbon.  The FFA boys are still cute and the baby pigs always draw the biggest crowd.

 Last week, my neighbors on the island “cleaned up” at the fair with 9 year-old Zoltan bringing home a huge trophy.  This was Zoltan and Maddies first time participating in 4H and the smiles on their faces tell it all. 


Zoltan…bringing home the “gold”

I wish I could’ve been there but I had fun in my old “stomping grounds”, eating elephant ears, looking at handmade quilts, jars of jelly, creepy vegetable people and listening to a guy with a jumpsuit and Elvis pompadour hair;  that I swear was singing at the fair 40 years ago.  Eddie Arnold never sounded so good…


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