Fog Days of Summer….

Fog Day Afternoon…


In some parts of the country, they have what are called, “dog days of summer”.  I’ve never lived where they had them but I imagine they are days that are so hot that all the dogs find a nice shade tree and just hang out until evening cools things down a bit.


Here, on the island, we have the “fog days of summer”, where you wake up to the sound of fog horns and everything is drippy and gray.  By 11:00 or so, the fog burns off to reveal an absolutely glorious day with boats emerging from the mist to continue on their journey under sunny skies with usually just enough wind to fill the sails and blow away any remaining clouds.  I love these days!  Temperatures hover around the low to mid-70s and the shadows in the afternoon are long and expressive.  Great days for reading on the porch, working in the garden or taking a long walk.  Before we know it, the first rains of fall will be upon us and daily activities will need to become much slower and intentional but for now, I’m going to enjoy every minute of this fabulous weather…. Life is good!


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