Found Art

Ever-changing wall of masks

Every day, I try to take a walk to keep both my body and my 12 year old dog, Chloe, in shape.  We explore the seashore, walk the quiet roads and enjoy the surprises we find along the way.  I guess there’s something about living on an island that brings out the creativity in people…many who work at pretty intense left-brain jobs during the week, let their right brain out of the closet on the weekends and I love stumbling upon their creations.

Sometimes it’s only a small driftwood sculpture or a decorative rock and seaweed mosaic lying in the sand but other times real works of art or whimsy are left on the beach for me to discover.

Found object boat

Nature itself constantly surprises me with beautiful patterns, exquisite sunsets and awesome cloud formations….

Resting boat at Decatur NW

I love being entertained by a feather in the grass or seeing a face in a grain of wood.  Often, I end up laughing at the funny things I stumble upon and wish I was witty enough to share it like some of my clever Facebook friends.   Art is everywhere….I love it!

Solstice Sunset on Decatur Island


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