A Rich Man’s Sport….

A Rich Man’s Sport?

Not on Decatur Island.  Yes, we have some wealthy people out here but at the Decatur Golf Course, anyone can play if they have the $2 green fee, and if they don’t….well, they can play anyway.  Developed by, Rod Loveless, for his family and friends; Rod has created a fun and challenging game course for all ages to enjoy.

Caddy Shack

I’m not a golfer but walking his property makes me want to take up the sport.  Starting with sentry at the entry (oooh…I like how that sounds), watching over his whimsical “caddy shack” that’s stocked with all manner of donated clubs and bags and leading out to the first hole where the tee area is located on top of a buried alligator car….fun!

Each green offers it’s own challenges and the course meanders down towards the beautiful water view and then back up through the trees along the drive.  I wish I was a golfer so I could share “handicaps” and “par” numbers but frankly, I don’t have a clue about all that.  All I know is this is a pretty sweet golf course in a gorgeous setting and I feel Rod is pretty cool for making it happen.  Mark your calendar, the Decatur Open is held every 4th of July weekend with a island-wide barbeque at the end of the day.  Hope to see you there!


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