Why Live on a Non-Ferry Served Island?

Spring garden on Decatur Island

Why would anyone buy property on a non-ferry served island?

Come home to Center Island

Good question….

Here are some of the reasons that I hear regularly:

  • “I’m sick and tired of traffic and the stress of the city.  I want a place I can come and relax and not worry about whether or not my kids are safe.”
  • “I grew up in a rural environment and I want my children to experience the joy I had as a child.”
  • “I want an investment that I can touch and sit on…even if I don’t do anything with it.”
  • “My time is valuable and sitting in a ferry line for 4 or 5 hours in the summer is not for me.  I want to spend that time enjoying the peace and quiet of my front porch.”
  • “I want to create a sanctuary for friends and family to be able to come to and unwind from the stresses they deal with all week long.”
  • “It’s so beautiful here…it just feels like “home” to me.”

    Relax on Decatur Island

I came to a non-ferry served island (Decatur Island) almost 20 years ago and have never regretted my decision to buy property here.  From an investment standpoint, it’s been very good to me but from an emotional perspective, it’s been priceless…

If you’re considering buying island property for a vacation getaway or year-round residence, the time has never been better.  The inventory is awesome and the prices are great!

Southridge on Decatur Island


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